Monday, 17 February 2014

Suresh Ghadge
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Suresh Ghadge(Civil Engineer)
Science and Technology are related to each other. In other words applying science to develop technology is called science and technology. Because of the improvement in technology our work has become faster and easier. There is a great help of various technologies in various fields like construction, education, crime investigation, etc. I as a constructor use technology in my work. Machines like bulldozers and cranes make less use of man power and the work becomes faster. For transactions I use my email account, for financial transactions ATM, and GPS for keeping an account of site location. Technology is like our daily food which we have it every day. Technology is very useful but harmful too. Many of the students have wrong impact on their behavior because if internet. When the teacher tries to explain the students with the help of an electronic media, some students are interested to see how is the animation in the video, how funny the characters are looking? Etc. Though it’s effective it’s also defective. Use of technology must be limited and must not exceed the limit. Thank you 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

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On: ‘The Traditional Method & Modern  Method of Learning.’ 

By Mrs. R. Sudhakaran (SST teacher at Dr.(Mrs.)Erin N Nagarvala Day School)

Time-01:40 pm

I prefer modern learning 75% and traditional learning 25% because through traditional method children understand in depth and get vivid knowledge but it takes long time to explain it correctly.On the other hand in modern learning children get the information ready-made, children are also interested and understand it quite fast and it saves time.It is also helpful for facts and ideas.It also helps me in my subject when the students see the maps and diagrams on the whiteboard the students are able to answer additional questions and respond quickly and they understand it easily and correctly.   
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Mrs DalalViews 

On: ‘The Traditional Method & Modern  Method of Learning.’ 
By:  Ms. J.Dalal (Administrator of Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala Day School)

Date:  9/2/2014 

Time: 10:35 am

There is no negative point in teaching with the help of modern technology. At our time education was very difficult, to study we only had  the medium of books. There were no electronic media for learning at that time. In our days we used to get enthralled by reading various types of books, such as novels,magazines, journals, text books, etc. But now the ways of learning is more techno-savvy, the children can get easy access to information with the help of internet. But I prefer that we should use both the traditional & modern method because nowadays children are typing their notes more and writing less. I am afraid that in the future a day will come when children will forget writing with pen.

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